Running goals for 2017

As a runner, there are times when it can be hard to stay motivated, particularly during the cold winter months. Having a goal to work towards can be the difference between sleeping in on a Saturday morning and getting up for an energising morning run – one of life’s greatest pleasures.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about setting and achieving goals it’s that they must be written down. To further increase the chance of success, goals must be shared with others. So, this blog post is all about setting and sharing my running goals for 2017.

My first goal this year is to enter and complete the following events

  • Puffing Billy
  • Great Ocean Road – 14km
  • City to Surf
  • Melbourne Marathon (half)

Of course just entering an event is too easy (injuries aside, touch wood!), so here are my target times.

30th of AprilPuffing Billy Great Train Race13.5kmSub 5664.40
20th of MayGreat Ocean Road14kmSub 57-
13th of AugustCity2Surf14kmSub 5757.14
15th of OctoberMelbourne Marathon (half)21kmSub 9097.32

I’ve also got some Parkrun goals I’ll be working towards (athlete profile)

Get a 50 T-Shirt5017
Run at 20 locations (AUS only)2010
Finish in sub 1919.0019.19

I’ll be updating this post with results as the year rolls on. Here’s to a big year in running for 2017!