Outlook 2016’s killer feature

Every couple of years Microsoft release a new version of Office, the desktop suite comprising of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Powerful business productivity tools that we’ve all come to rely on. To most people, the changes appear cosmetic and from a productivity perspective, not all that helpful. But every new version includes a handful of new features that can save you a bunch of time once you discover them.

In Outlook 2016, the killer feature I’m telling everyone about is the Attach File button located on the Insert tab of a new message window. Unlike previous versions, Outlook 2016 provides you with a list of the recent files you saved or worked with. These files could be saved locally, or they might exist on internal network locations, such as OneDrive, Group Files, and SharePoint.


Tip – to see files from OneDrive, Groups and SharePoint you must first sign in to Office using your Office 365 credentials.

Taking advantage of the attach file button saves you the hassle of searching for a document you just finished working on.

Hopefully this tip can save you a few minutes here and there, which over time add up to significant productivity gains. Leave a comment below if you find it useful.