Melbourne Marathon 2017

If there’s one event on the Australian running calendar to look forward to, it’s Melbourne Marathon. And this year was no exception, celebrating the event’s 40th anniversary.

Following a patchy training campaign in the lead-up, my goal was simply to get amongst the atmosphere and enjoy the occasion. Melbourne turned on amazing weather conditions with clear skies, sunshine and a mild 18 degrees. Perfect conditions for a 21km event.

My race kicked off with Crosbie Crew compatriates Ben Thomas and Helena Cairney, all of us with no serious target in mind and happy to cruise through the course. We pushed out at a comfortable 4:40 pace towards the front of the pack thanks to a preferred starting position (just one of the Crosbie Crew membership benefits!) and set off for Albert Park Lake, chatting while we strode and soaking up the surroundings.

As we made our way around Albert Park plenty of Crosbie Crew members showed their support from the sidelines, another perk of Melbourne’s best running club. By now I had a bit of pain in my left foot which felt a lot like a stone. Unable to tolerate the pain any longer I pulled off to the side around the 13km mark and shook out my shoe – big thanks to Helena for waiting with me. By now Ben had slipped a little behind and we caught up with Trent Cooper for a bit of banter in Ben’s absence.

Slowly but surely we made our way towards the G for my third lap of the hallowed turf and a modest finish time of 1:38:13.