Checking for Telstra syndication using PowerShell

Here in the land down under, Office 365 was initially only available to partners via syndication through a large telco called Telstra. Tenancies under syndicated licensing are limited in several ways, for example they cannot use PSTN Conferencing with Skype for Business. Telstra have announced that syndicated tenants will be moved to across to CSP, and some have already been moved. However, the majority of our clients at Axiom IT, the company I work for, are yet to be transitioned.

Every so often I like to check in on our managed tenants and see if anything has changed. To speed up that process I wrote a short PowerShell script which checks each of the tenants under delegated administration and produces a basic report on a gridview. I figured this may be useful to others and decided to share on GitHub. To grab a copy hit the link below.