Connect-AzAccount : Invalid provider type specified.

Connect-AzAccount : Invalid provider type specified. Creating a service principal in Azure AD and using certificate based authentication is a common practice when building automation scripts in PowerShell. If you’ve landed on this blog post there’s a very good chance that you’ve followed the steps provided by Microsoft and been unsuccessful. Not to worry, the … Read more

10 Productivity and Life Hacking Tips for 2018

Let’s face it, time is our scarcest resource. None of us wants to waste it, particularly not on mundane tasks that pop up both in our professional and personal lives. So how can we minimise the time we waste and spend more time doing the things we enjoy? Technology is the answer. We live in … Read more

Microsoft Summit 2017 #MSFTSummit

As a first timer at a Microsoft conference, I was very excited about the 4 day event held in Sydney at ICC. Being a Microsoft event, I was expecting big things and true to expectations, Microsoft delivered in a big way. Beginning with a keynote speech from Dr. Brian Cox which was both interesting and … Read more

rhipe Cloud Roadshow

This week I was lucky enough to head on tour with rhipe for their Cloud Roadshow as a partner spotlight in Sydney and Brisbane. At each event, I spoke for 5 minutes on my experience working with rhipe as a CSP partner and highlighted the benefits over other distributors in the channel. I also talked … Read more is freaking.amazing

First things first, what is does one thing really well: schedule your meetings. With the speed of artificial intelligence and the personal touch of a human assistant, takes care of business. To be a little more precise, is an automated way for Office 365 users to schedule meetings. It eliminates the … Read more

How To: Migrate Telstra Office 365 Clients to CSP

With the Office 365 syndication program end date (30/6/17) fast approaching finally here, most of our syndicated Office 365 tenants in Telstra Apps Marketplace have transitioned to CSP. This is great news for CSP partners as it enables us to move customers to other providers such as Rhipe without migration tools and enjoy the benefits of CSP … Read more

Tracking Parkrun goals with Power BI

Earlier this year I set myself some running goals which included running at 20 unique Australian Parkrun locations, reaching a total of 50 Parkruns and running a sub 19 PB. Not longer after setting these goals, I realised I could use Power BI to visually track my progress and get acquainted with one of Office 365’s … Read more

Checking for Telstra syndication using PowerShell

Here in the land down under, Office 365 was initially only available to partners via syndication through a large telco called Telstra. Tenancies under syndicated licensing are limited in several ways, for example they cannot use PSTN Conferencing with Skype for Business. Telstra have announced that syndicated tenants will be moved to across to CSP, … Read more