How To: Migrate Telstra Office 365 Clients to CSP

With the Office 365 syndication program end date (30/6/17) fast approaching finally here, most of our syndicated Office 365 tenants in Telstra Apps Marketplace have transitioned to CSP. This is great news for CSP partners as it enables us to move customers to other providers such as Rhipe without migration tools and enjoy the benefits of CSP … Read more

Great Train Race 2017

GTR Logo 2017

It’s been 5 years since I last ran the Puffing Billy Great Train Race and nothing much has changed. It’s still one of Melbourne’s most spectacular runs boasting amazing scenery, fresh country air and plenty of uphill challenges. I had three goals in mind for today – beat my previous PB, go sub 60 and beat the … Read more

First Parkrun Win

As an amateur runner, you never expect to win any kind of race. And while Parkrun isn’t officially a race, plenty of people treat it that way. Fortunately for me, no one with any serious ability turned up to Altona Beach Parkrun this week and I was lucky enough to finish first. By no means … Read more

Tracking Parkrun goals with Power BI

Earlier this year I set myself some running goals which included running at 20 unique Australian Parkrun locations, reaching a total of 50 Parkruns and running a sub 19 PB. Not longer after setting these goals, I realised I could use Power BI to visually track my progress and get acquainted with one of Office 365’s … Read more

Running goals for 2017

As a runner, there are times when it can be hard to stay motivated, particularly during the cold winter months. Having a goal to work towards can be the difference between sleeping in on a Saturday morning and getting up for an energising morning run – one of life’s greatest pleasures. If there’s one thing … Read more

Checking for Telstra syndication using PowerShell

Here in the land down under, Office 365 was initially only available to partners via syndication through a large telco called Telstra. Tenancies under syndicated licensing are limited in several ways, for example they cannot use PSTN Conferencing with Skype for Business. Telstra have announced that syndicated tenants will be moved to across to CSP, … Read more

Powershell for Office 365 Delegated Admins

At Axiom IT, we manage close to a hundred Office 365 tenants. Occasionally, we need to run a set of Powershell commands against each tenant, for example, when conducting a licensing audit. As you can imagine, doing this individually on each tenant would be a very time consuming exercise. Luckily, PowerShell provides us with a way … Read more

Outlook 2016’s killer feature

Every couple of years Microsoft release a new version of Office, the desktop suite comprising of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Powerful business productivity tools that we’ve all come to rely on. To most people, the changes appear cosmetic and from a productivity perspective, not all that helpful. But every new version includes a handful of … Read more