is freaking.amazing

First things first, what is does one thing really well: schedule your meetings. With the speed of artificial intelligence and the personal touch of a human assistant, takes care of business. To be a little more precise, is an automated way for Office 365 users to schedule meetings. It eliminates the … Read is freaking.amazing

Consistent document templates with SharePoint

If you ask most people how they manage document templates such as company letterheads, proposals, quotes or any other business document the typical answer is usually along the lines of ‘find an old one, copy and paste into a new one’. Over time, this can lead to an unwanted evolutionary effect on the document template, which … Read moreConsistent document templates with SharePoint

How To: Migrate Telstra Office 365 Clients to CSP

With the Office 365 syndication program end date (30/6/17) fast approaching finally here, most of our syndicated Office 365 tenants in Telstra Apps Marketplace have transitioned to CSP. This is great news for CSP partners as it enables us to move customers to other providers such as Rhipe without migration tools and enjoy the benefits of CSP … Read moreHow To: Migrate Telstra Office 365 Clients to CSP